March 21, 2004


Where did my weekend go? Bad trip nakakainis. We had a group meeting for school yesterday. What started as a lunch meeting ended 17 hours after. Almost 6am na ako nakauwi kanina. Tangina pag hindi pa kami maka-4.0 sa presentation namin magwawala na talaga ako.

When wifey and I transferred to Eastwood, I kinda expected going home at around that time or so, pero wasted from beer. Ironically, I haven't really enjoyed the house and the community yet. We've never been to any of the concerts. We've never had a drink in any of the bars. The only place I've bought food from since we got there is McDonald's. Are we suffering from Eastwood-exhaustion already? Kainis talaga! I wanna enjoy living in our place na!

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