September 29, 2005


...on a flight from San Francisco to Japan. The flight attendant was serving breakfast prior to landing in Narita. She asked the Chinese guy, "Would you like omelette or fried rice?" The poor Chinese guy was confused. "Omelette or fried rice?", the flight attendant repeated.

"Cannot both?!"

Honga naman...

Moving on... I finally got an Ipod! My new baby's a 20gb, photo Ipod. Sobrang enjoy. A full charge lasted the whole trip from San Francisco all the way to Manila. I've used up a little over 6.7gb and that's all the mp3's I've collected for the past couple of years! Yey!! Now let's try what podcasting is all about...

And if anyone's interested, some pictures from the Boston and New York trips are posted on 10xzoom.

September 02, 2005


As requested...

what are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?
watch dvd's.
experiment with making different cocktails.
then smoke again.

what lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
smoke again.
drive around the city and waste 1/4 tank of gas (although i should really cut this habit down).
smoke. again.

7 things that scare you
meeting my ex and her husband, who happens to be my best friend in college.
my dark past catching up on me.
losing my job.
losing my hair.
my children, if ever i do have children, doing the same bullshit i'm doing.
my wife doing the same bullshit i'm doing.

7 things you like most
the internet. isn't it wonderful being able to escape reality with a couple of keystrokes?
techno music.
a nice, fat cuban cigar.
the smell of a new car.
riding planes.
sizzling sisig and several cold bottles of cerveza negra.
a big, fat paycheck.

7 important things in your bedroom
my wife lying next to me.
a pillow underneath my feet.
alarm clock.
tv remote.
airline magazines i've collected over the months.
fhm and uno magazines i've collected over the years.
okamoto 0.03.

7 random facts about you
i listen to am radio. every morning.
my day is not complete without coffee.
i only wear g-shock watches.
i don't sleep on hotel beds. i sleep on the couch.
i love texting.
i keep receipts from significant occassions in my wallet.
i shave.

7 things you plan to do before you die
spend a week in ibiza.
go on a drinking spree with a movie/tv celebrity (preferably someone from viva hotbabes).
join politics.
put up a business.
take my mom, my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and her husband on a shopping spree, buy anything you want, in rockwell.
take my wife for dinner at a five star hotel in manhattan.
say i love you to my wife.

7 things you can do
drive at 140kph and text at the same time.
be dj.
kiss without tongueplay.
figure out how to beat the company's internet firewall to view porn and download music.
cook a mean chicken and pork adobo.
make mangorita.
ignore streetkids.

7 things you can't do
drive at 140kph and take a call at the same time.
look at my ex straight in the eye.
lie properly.
accompany my wife to buy christmas presents.
go alcohol free on a weekend.
go nicotine free for a half day.
ignore streetkids and not feel guilty.

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex
brain. should be a good conversationalist. otherwise the first two will be meaningless. really.
playful eyes.
a sense of humor.
must have something to say about anything and everything.
a flirty attitude.

7 things you say the most
"jesus christ!"
"oh god!"
"more. more. more."
"yes, right there."
"was it good for you, as it was for me?"

7 celeb crushes
angel locsin
anne curtis
jessica alba
elisha cuthbert
cindy kurleto
kelly misa
nicole hernandez

7 people you want to take this quiz
president bush