March 31, 2004


The first three months of 2004 are gone. Doesn't time fly too fast? Grabe, parang a couple of weeks ago lang yung New Year, tapos ngayon summer na.

Let me see. Ano na nga ba milestones ko for the first three months of the year?
1. We've moved into a new place in QC.
2. We finally have a decent sofa and dining table.
3. The subcon I'm managing, who was kulelat for all most of the four quarters last year, is now number one.

Things I have to work on. Or else my ass gets busted.
1. Finish documentation for my department's automotive ISO certification.
2. Shorten my subcon's corrective action cycle time.
3. Look for another job. In another industry. My work is killing me!

March 24, 2004


There are times when you want to cut the crap and just get the work done. Like wanting a steak when you know very well that a nice burger will do. Last night, I wanted to get tipsy. Not drunk, just the warm feeling of drowsiness that helps lull me to sleep. I could've chose to drink in ATC. TJ's and San Mig are still open by 11, right? But I didn't need that. I just needed a drink.

Fort pub in Pilar Village is where I ended up. Not really a pub, beerhouse is a more apt word to describe it. It's a cozy little nook: a couple of big long tables for the group night outs, and more smaller tables for two. I guess when ordinary menfolk like me (naks!) want to drown out the day's worries, and have a friendly chitchat with one of the 15 GRO's on call, this is where we go.

San Mig Light is priced at P25. Wow, this must be heaven! I could have four of these here at the same price of 1 in any of Makati's spots! And with free peanuts, how do you beat this deal?

So, what was wrong with this picture? Halfway into my first drink, my cellphone rang. Hay... busted... Cge Lara, I'll bring you to this place minsan. :)

March 21, 2004


Where did my weekend go? Bad trip nakakainis. We had a group meeting for school yesterday. What started as a lunch meeting ended 17 hours after. Almost 6am na ako nakauwi kanina. Tangina pag hindi pa kami maka-4.0 sa presentation namin magwawala na talaga ako.

When wifey and I transferred to Eastwood, I kinda expected going home at around that time or so, pero wasted from beer. Ironically, I haven't really enjoyed the house and the community yet. We've never been to any of the concerts. We've never had a drink in any of the bars. The only place I've bought food from since we got there is McDonald's. Are we suffering from Eastwood-exhaustion already? Kainis talaga! I wanna enjoy living in our place na!

March 19, 2004


If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

I love Japanese food, so I guess it's gonna be a Japanese bar. I really miss the yakitori places in Tokyo which Japanese salarymen often go to on Friday after officehours. Those places serve fresh grilled yakitori and other grilled food. A favorite of mine is the bacon wrapped asparagus. Yummy! Shempre, there's gonna be Japanese beer and sake, some sushi and maki, and my favorite: salmon sashimi.

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

Pirated dvd's!!

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?

Probably a comedy, looking at my life from another person's perspective. Feeling ko kasi sobrang funny buhay ko. I've been through a lot [well... probably not as much as you have, Lara. ;) ] and parang it's such a waste not to document it.

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?

I wanna teach math in an all girls high school! O sige, hirit na kayo!!!

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

I'm a big fan of techno and house, so I guess it's gonna be along those lines. I'm also a big fan of 80's new wave music. Siguro I'll do a techno album with lots of 80's new wave sampled.

March 17, 2004


A miracle happened today. I got to work on time. Way on time. Like 6:45. Like almost two hours before official start. And I don't know why it happened. Is it because this is the first time I had to brave the color coding scheme? Hmm... Bayani Fernando can really work wonders, not just in the streets but for me as well. Grabe... maski ako di makapaniwala sa nagawa ko. Woke up at 5am. Out of bed by 5:15. Out of shower by 5:45. Out of parking lot by 6. Nakabili pa ako ng yosi sa Shell Fort Boni. Hay... I can imagine my boss praying sana Wednesday everyday.

March 12, 2004


1. What was the last song you heard?

Forever's Not Enough by Sarah Geronimo. Oo na! Baduy ako!! This young teener is going to go places. She's like the Philippine's younger version of Celine Dion. Here's the lyrics.

If I would have to live my life again
I'd stay in love with you the way I've
Your love is something no one ever can
I can't imagine life with someone else

I promise I will share my life with you
Forever may not be enough it's true
My heart is filled with so much love I
feel for you
No words can say how much I love you so

And if, forever's not enough
For me to love you,
I'd spend another lifetime baby
If you'd asked me to
There's nothing I won't do
Forever's not enough for me to love you

They say tomorrow seem so far away
And now we see that everything can
My love for you get stronger as
tomorrow comes
I know this love will stand the test of

(Repeat Chorus)

For you there's nothing I can do
And never will I ever go
Forever's not enough to love you so

But if forever ends one day
I promise you I'll stay
To show you that my love will never end

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

Forever's not enough to love you so

(Repeat Chorus)

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

I just watched a dvd of Love Actually last night. Really good movie. I haven't seen a great feel-good movie like this in a long time. The last big screen movie I've seen was Milan (Star Cinema production starring Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual).

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

I haven't been out of the house yet today, so I haven't had the chance to buy anything yet. But yesterday, I bought a pack of Winston Lights and a can of Coke Light on my way to work. In the evening, I bought a carton of fresh milk.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

It's going to be a very busy weekend. We will be transferring to a new place in Libis. Topmost on the list is to finalize our parking space. Argh! We still don't have a parking space and if you knew how expensive it is to park in a mall in Manila overnight, you will understand the frustration. Item 2 is to check the delivery times for the oven and range hood, the sofa, and the dining table. Item 3 is to buy longer curtain rods, which wifey has been telling me to do for the longest time. :) and Item 4 is to check on my mom, who's really really stressed.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

My wife, Trixy, Carlo, Jean, and Pam.

March 05, 2004


Sabi sa yo don't fuck with me eh.

Panget pala ha... Gurang na pala ha... See, this is what you get when you don't respect people. You get disrespected yourself! Kung pokpok ka, pangatawanan mo. Naturingan ka pa namang taga-University of the Philippines Diliman na Architecture student. Magkano uli ang charge mo? 2k? Ilang rounds? 2? Tapos CIM pa? Clap-clap-clap. Galingan mo ha.

Yesterday, Halina Perez died as a result of a vehicular accident in Camarines Sur. She was pronounced dead on arrival in a local hospital there because of neck injuries. Wawa naman si Halina. Sayang, she's quite a cutie pa naman. Never mind that a lot of people find her probinsyana-looking. I think that adds to her appeal. Parang naive. Pwedeng-pwede sa scene na, "Wag po, koya!"

Anyway, Halina's nude pics can be viewed here.

What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
Maraming teachers nung grade one eh, pero favorite ko si Mrs. Moraga. She's a small, thin lady with the biggest heart. That was in San Beda College, I had my grade one there in 1981. May mga batchmates ba akong nagbabasa ng blog ko?

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
Tough question... uhmm... He-man?

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?
Dave Dizon. I know he's a doctor now, graduated from PGH. The prick... nung grade six nagkasira kami kasi sobrang sumipsip yung parents nya sa mga teachers namin. We were fighting neck to neck in getting the spot for class valedictorian. It turns out I wasn't gonna graduate from San Beda and instead, went straight to PSHS.

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?
We never really had cereal for breakfast. Expensive kasi eh. But when I was in the States, I used to be Cherrios addict. Maski na parang kumakain ka ng styro, may kakaibang sarap yung Cheerios.

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
Pagdating sa bahay, I would buy Sarsi or Popcola (that was before Coca-cola Bottlers bought them) then wait for Manong Fishballs. Back in 1982 or 1983, five pesos went a long way. Busog na busog ka na nun!

Happy weekend everybody!

March 04, 2004


(1) Panday can run! Apparently that's what the Supreme Court said when it ruled 8-5-1 in favor of FPJ's eligibility to run for the May Presidential elections. Di ko alam kung mabuti ba to o hindi. Good thing na rin siguro dahil kung di pinayagang tumakbo si FPJ, tiyak na gulo na naman ang aabutin nito. Kung sa Mindanao nga, makita lang ng taong natatalo si FPJ sa pelikula, naghuhuramentado na yung mga iba eh. Ano pa kaya kung na-disqualify si FPJ sa elections.

(2) I still feel weak. O baka lazy lang talaga. I woke up late. Again. So rather than making the one and a half hour drive from Las Pinas to Taguig, I opted to stay at home and just work here. Ruthie, telecommute ka ba uli? :)

(3) Overwhelmed na si wifey but I don't know how I can help her. She's working on her clearance sa office, clearance sa village, transitioning her work to her subordinates, at kung anu-ano pa. Palagi na lang syang late kung dumadating ng house. Wawa naman. But I really miss her cooking. Especially her baked baby back ribs. Siguro pag naka-settle down na lang kami sa QC ako mangangalabit... para dun sa ribs. Hehehe.

March 01, 2004


Hay, 24 more days to go. We finally say goodbye to a chapter in our lives. The Intel Chapter. Intel was my first company. I joined it in 1996. My wife joined in 1997. We met in 1998, and by 2000, we were in front of a municipal judge exchanging vows.

I ended the Intel chapter of my life in 2002, when I joined another semiconductor company. I've been happy ever since, but there's something missing. Almost all of my close friends were from Intel. I missed them so much. It must be just me, but I never really developed friendships in my other company that are as closely bonded as the ones I had while I was in Intel.

And now my wife is going to take the jump as well. How do I even begin to warn her that life on the other side is definitely different? That the people are different? That they work differently as what we're used to? And what about her friends? I know my wife, she's the kind of person who can make friends easily, but will she have friends that are very much like the ones she has in Intel? I'm scared. I feel like a dad bringing his baby daughter to her first day in school.