June 30, 2005


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So, the little lady has finally dropped the biggest bomb of all. Short of spilling everything, including the color of her panties while she was talking to the yet unnamed Comelec official, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has admitted to a lapse in judgement and admitted she did call up someone from Comelec during the time when Congress was canvassing the votes during the 2004 elections.

Unbelieveable. First off, I have to give credit to the little lady. It takes a man, albeit a short one, to admit to such a thing. A Philippine President apologizing like that on national TV?! Unheard of!! Second, what was she thinking?! You don't do something like that in the middle of an election, not when it was such a close one, with allegations of vote buying and massive fraud flying from both sides. Third, why would she herself do such a thing?! Presidents don't do the dirty job. They're not supposed to. That's why they get elected as Presidents. They have hordes of henchmen to do this for them.

I am shocked. Philippine politics has yet again burrowed itself to a deeper level. I am saddened by the realization that no matter what, it seems like there's no letting up on how far our elected officials will go just to "protect their votes". I am angry, because it looks like we're never going to recover from the turmoil we're in.

The next two weeks will be critical for all of us. In a press conference this afternoon, Susan Roces-Poe seems ready to slug it out to the finish. Although I just heard bits and pieces of it, it looks to me like she's ready to whip the public into a People Power X frenzy. The House of Representative's inquiry into the Gloria-gate tapes seem to be getting nowhere, not with administration and opposition congressmen tagging each other out on endless legal maneuvers and out-maneuvers. Watching the public's reaction on TV on GMA's apology just shows how polarized we are.

Nakakasawa na.

GMA, please resign na. You're a sitting duck president. The moment you opened your mouth on that televised apology, you have lost all moral ascendancy to lead us effectively. I know you have only the purest intent for the country, but not everything illegal is immoral. You may not have done anything illegal, but it was definitely immoral. It wasn't right. Step down before it's too late. The people verdict is final, and it will be a swift one.

June 22, 2005

TARA NA, BYAHE TAYO (The fucked up version)

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nagahasa ka na ba sa bayan ng marikina
nanakawan ng cellphone sa recto at morayta
nawalan ka na ba ng tino sa mandaluyong
sa muntinlupa ay nakulong

ano ba, dyahe tayo, tiyan ay kumakalab
sa tindi ng pilipinas

inatake ka na ba ng meninggo sa baguio
nag-hire ng prosti sa bandang olongapo
bumili ka na ba sa quiapo ng pirata
nag-rally sa mendiola

ano ba, dyahe tayo, tiyan ay kumakalab
sa tindi ng pilipinas, sa lupet ng pilipino
ano ba, dyahe tayo, tiyan ay kumakalab
sa lupeeeet ng pilipino

naipit ka na ba sa matinding trapik sa junction~
nasiraan ng bahay sa landslide sa quezon
nakidnap ka na ba ng mga abu sa davao
o na-pick-up sa cubao

nagka-ringtone ka ba ng "kiliti" ng d'bodies
sa sta. mesa ay nag-check-in at nag-shoot walang
lumubog ka na ba sa lahar ng pampanga
o na-adik kay mystica

ano ba, dyahe tayo, tiyan ay kumakalab
sa tindi ng pilipinas, sa lupet ng pilipino
ano ba, dyahe tayo, tiyan ay kumakalab
sa lupeeeet ng pilipino!!!

June 04, 2005


I'm talking about gay happiness. Nope, I'm not homophobic. Or at least that's how I see myself. I don't have a lot of gay friends. Not that I don't want gay friends. It's probably just because there aren't a lot of (openly) gay people in the industry I work in. Believe it or not, the semiconductor assembly manufacturing scene in the Philippines is pretty much a machismo-dominated area.

So I get my dosage of gay culture outside of work. TV, movies, sometime from school. So when I was blindclicking on other people's blog early this evening, I stumbled into this blog by a gay guy from Manila. He's really quite funny. So funny, in fact, that I linked his site in mine. So here, let's all enjoy Third Sex in the City.

June 02, 2005


I got this from Peri! Go to Google Images and search for: Place you grew up. Place you live now. Your name. Your Grandmother’s name. Your favorite food. Your favorite drink. Your favorite song. Your favorite smell. Then post the first or your favorite result for each.

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Place where I grew up.

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Place where I live now.

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My name.

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My grandmother's name.

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My favorite food.

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My favorite drink.

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My favorite song.

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My favorite smell.


This song is so HOT on my playlist.

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Sana ibaba pa nya... kahit na just a lil bit.

50 Cent - Just A Lil' Bit Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Damn baby all I need is a lil bit
A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that
Get it crackin' in the club when you hear this shit
Drop it like its hot, get to workin' that back
Go shake that thang, yeah work that thang
Let me see it go up and down
Rotate that thang, I wanna touch that thang
Can you make it go round and round
I step up in the club, I'm like who you with
G-Unit in the house, yeah thats my clique
Yeah I'm young, but a nigga from the old school
On the dance floor, a nigga doin' old moves
I don't give a f**k, I do what I wan' do
I hit your ass up, boy I done warned you
Better listen, when I talk, nigga don't trip
Yo' heat in the car, mine's in this bitch
I ain't tryna beef, I'm tryna get my drink on
Got my diamonds, my fitted, and my mink on
I'ma kick it at the bar till its time to go
Then I'ma get shorty here and I'ma let her know

All a nigga really need is a lil bit
Not a lot baby girl just a lil bit
We can head to the crib in a lil bit
I can show ya how I live in a lil bit
I wanna unbutton your pants just a lil bit
Take 'em off and pull 'em down a lil bit
Get to kissin' and touchin' a lil bit
Get to lickin' and ?? a lil bit

[Verse 2]
This is 50, comin' out your stereos
Hard to tell though, cause I switched the flow
Eyes a lil low, cause I twist the dro'
Pockets on ?? cause I move the O's
My neck, my wrist, my ears is froze
Come get ya bitch, she on me dawg
She musta heard about the dough
Now captain come on and save a hoe
I get it crunk in the club, I'm off the chain
Number one on the chart, all the time mayn
When the kid in the house, I turn it out
Keep the dance floor packed, thats without a doubt
And shorty shake that thang like a pro mayn
She back it up on me I'm like oh mayn
I get close enough to her so I know she can hear
System thumpin', party jumpin', I said loud and clear

All a nigga really need is a lil bit
Not a lot baby girl just a lil bit
We can head to the crib in a lil bit
I can show ya how I live in a lil bit
I wanna unbutton your pants just a lil bit
Take 'em off and pull 'em down a lil bit
Get to kissin' and touchin' a lil bit
Get to lickin' and ?? a lil bit

Baby you got me feelin' right (ya heard me)
My mama gone, you can spend the night (ya heard me)
I ain't playin', I'ma tryna ?? tonight (ya heard me)
Clothes off, face down, x up, c'mon

[Chorus x2]
All a nigga really need is a lil bit
Not a lot baby girl just a lil bit
We can head to the crib in a lil bit
I can show ya how I live in a lil bit
I wanna unbutton your pants just a lil bit
Take 'em off and pull 'em down a lil bit
Get to kissin' and touchin' a lil bit
Get to lickin' and ?? a lil bit

June 01, 2005


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Talented? Oo... talentado nga ang mga taga-Bayo.

Hehehe... Now that I have your attention... I recently learned of this accusation against Bayo, the Philippines-based maker of world class apparel for women. Kaya pala world class sila eh kung saan-saan sa world sila kumokopya ng mga designs na nilalagay nila sa products nila. Ewan ko kung totoo to, pero kung totoo man, boljak na naman tayong mga Pinoy.

Here's what popped into my Friendster bulletin board:

hello friends,

ang ganda ng bayo kids ano? pati yung mga display ng bayo. kaso, we are very disappointed to inform you that BAYO has been RIPPING OFF illustrators from japan for their designs. and most of these illustrators are artists who contributed to a book and web compilation from Delicatessen. the title of the book is MONDOFRAGILE: MODERN FASHION
ILLUSTRATORS FROM JAPAN (available at Powerbooks) if you check out www.mondofragile.com (plus links to each artists' sites), you'll see that:

1. TADAHIRO UESUGI's untitled artwork for a japanese magazine (top shot of a girl in a bikini sun bathing)
was traced and used for bayo's summer window displays (with fake grass background) without him knowing it

2. YUKA MAEDA's black-outlined little girls are on BAYO KIDs shirts,without her permission


3. EMMA.MORI's big-eyed vector girls and animals are used in BAYO's display ads. the little deer on their tag now? that's EMMA's, not BAYO's.

i had a talk with a socialite-celeb who was part of BAYO's research team, who did speculate na hindi nga siguro nag paalam ang BAYO sa mga Japanese illustrators na ito. they have an artist who traces/copies it for them.

also, if you check out EMMA.MORI's site (google: BAYO PHILIPPINES EMMA)
you'll see this:

--hi! your illustrations are the cutest i've ever seen! unfortunately, a clothing brand here in the Philippines named BAYO seems to be using your drawings for their children clothing line(t-shirt and bag logos). do they have your permission?

--hello!! i don't know BAYO...I look BAYO's web. I was very much surprised.My illustration was being used without my permission. This is a crime. It it here so that it warns BAYO soon. thanks!!!

i think early this year pa ito na post.

diba nakakahiya? tapos maglalabas pa ang BAYO ng shirt na: YOUNGTALENTED FILIPINA, but they ripped off other artists! it's not an excuse anymore to say na 'di ko alam eh,' 'i didn't know these were not original.' Come on. we're in a globalized economy. they have a website. they're an established clothing line. They should have checked first, it's their responsibility.

and i think it's ours too-to be responsible buyers. especially since we're artists too. we dont want other people riping off our
artwork and claiming it as theirs so they can sell a few shirts without giving us the heads up. these corporations should give the artists their due, and respect.

we have a thing called intellectual property rights, we should protect it.

alam kong magaganda ang damit sa BAYO, pero for now, please keep out of their store until they fix this. BAYO was on such a good roll with Lea Salonga, and now they stoop to this? It's really sad.

Whether you're an artist in the Philippines or Japan, or kahit saan, dapat magpapaalam muna sayo ang mga gagamit ng works mo.

please pass.

Tsk tsk tsk. Sabi ko na nga ba eh. Kaya ngayon, pagbabawalan ko nang mamili yung wife ko dyan sa Bayo. Ang mahal-mahal na nga ng presyo ng t-shirt nila, yun pala kinopya lang sa isang kawawang ponjaps.


Sarah Thuyn was featured as one of UNO magazine's girl of the month for May, 2005. I first saw her when she was doing her shoot for UNO, together with Borgie Manotoc and Ornusa Cadness, in Club Paradise Resort in Palawan. A top class eye candy, she was exuding feminine svelte as she walked around the resort. Whether decked out in a flowing summer dress or a casual halter top and miniskirt, Sarah was stunningly beautiful. You could just imagine how my jaw dropped when I saw her one morning doing laps in the pool. Clad in the skimpiest two piece bikini, she was like a dolphin in the sea. I was speechless as she smiled while I was walking by. By the time she said hello, I was close to fainting. It's a good thing my wife was right beside me, holding onto my arm should I pass out with all the blood draining out of my head and into my loins.

So, in honor of Sarah, who erased my notion that all models are artsy-fartsy and wouldn't care less for ordinary folks like me, this post is dedicated to you. Thank for letting me take a picture of you during the wait for our plane back to Manila. You made my summer a summer to remember.

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Sarah posing for the next UNO magazine photographer. Sayang, umextra yung pinsan ni Sandara sa likod.

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Sarah enjoying a nice swim at the resort pool.

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Sarah waiting for her boarding pass at Busuanga airport.

Now that this is all out, would I qualify as a stalker?