June 01, 2005


Sarah Thuyn was featured as one of UNO magazine's girl of the month for May, 2005. I first saw her when she was doing her shoot for UNO, together with Borgie Manotoc and Ornusa Cadness, in Club Paradise Resort in Palawan. A top class eye candy, she was exuding feminine svelte as she walked around the resort. Whether decked out in a flowing summer dress or a casual halter top and miniskirt, Sarah was stunningly beautiful. You could just imagine how my jaw dropped when I saw her one morning doing laps in the pool. Clad in the skimpiest two piece bikini, she was like a dolphin in the sea. I was speechless as she smiled while I was walking by. By the time she said hello, I was close to fainting. It's a good thing my wife was right beside me, holding onto my arm should I pass out with all the blood draining out of my head and into my loins.

So, in honor of Sarah, who erased my notion that all models are artsy-fartsy and wouldn't care less for ordinary folks like me, this post is dedicated to you. Thank for letting me take a picture of you during the wait for our plane back to Manila. You made my summer a summer to remember.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Sarah posing for the next UNO magazine photographer. Sayang, umextra yung pinsan ni Sandara sa likod.

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Sarah enjoying a nice swim at the resort pool.

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Sarah waiting for her boarding pass at Busuanga airport.

Now that this is all out, would I qualify as a stalker?

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