February 24, 2004


Argh! Pinakatatago ko pa naman tong site ko then all it takes is "lova palooza" to shoot me to Google's number one!!! Kainis!!!

Hay... what the heck...

lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza lova palooza


February 23, 2004


When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?
First week of January. We have our annual company physical examination on the week of our birthday. :( I'm still medically fat.

2. ...went to the dentist?
First week of January din. Kailangan ko magpa-pasta. And damn that coffee! Ang lakas magpa-stain ng teeth!!

3. ...filled your gas tank?
Last Thursday. At least I still manage to squeeze out 14 to 15 km. to a liter of unleaded gas.

4. ...got enough sleep?
Last night. With the help of Carlo Rossi, of course. :P

5. ...backed up your computer?
What's that?

February 16, 2004


(1) I wonder how's it gonna be like living a stone's throw away from Eastwood? Sarap siguro nun. May Mcdo right outside your condo. May 7-11 na malapit in case na gutumin ka at 2am. Tapos you don't have to worry about driving home in case na magkagimikan sa Eastwood. Hay sarap...

(2) Siguro wala nang pera talaga mga tao ngayon. Although we didn't really go out nung 14th, my wife and I had dinner sa ATC nung 13. Okay lang, di naman unusually large yung crowd. Tapos nung 14th naman, wala rin masyadong sasakyan sa road. Nung 15th, the whole family had lunch at Saisaki's in Megamall. Ganun din, di rin masyadong unusual yung dami ng tao. Di kaya napagod lahat dun sa Lova Palooza?

(3) Argh! We've had it with my wife's Kia! Parang nagkaron yata ng problem yung pagkaka-overheat nung Thursday. Although napagawa naman agad, nagluluko uli sya nung Friday. We almost didn't make it from Festival mall to ATC, although naiuwi naman ng wife ko from Cavite. Hay... tumatanda na yata talaga si Kia.

How far would you go to search for lost love? In the movie Milan, Lino (Piolo Pascual) travels all the way to Milan, Italy to look for his missing wife, Mary Grace (Iza Calzado). Lost, hungry, and with no one else to go to, he is taken in by Jenny (Claudine Barretto) as one of the boarders in the apartment she rents. Lino and Jenny seeks the help of the migrant worker community in searching for Mary Grace. Eventually, Jenny meets Mary Grace, who by now is married to a local. Mary Grace has a son by an Algerian who was supposed to help her find her way into Italy's Swiss border. In between all these, Jenny helps Lino settle down into Italy. She helps him find a job, get to know other Filipinos working there. Shempre, Lino falls in love with Jenny. Trouble started when Jenny's brother comes into the picture and Lino feels left out. Frustrated, he starts throwing stuff around, thrashing everything from tables, plates, and wine bottles. Jenny then brings Lino to Mary Grace and Lino learns the truth about his wife. Eventually, this gets settled out and Lino and Jenny gets back together. Hay....

The movie has a lot of strong points. Claudine and Piolo gave really strong performances in this movie. At first, I thought this was just a cutie movie set in Milan, but yes, although there were a lot of cutsie moments, the story is focused on how OCW life is like in Italy. There's an interesting side story about how a married Pinoy and Pinay OCW falls for each other because of the loneliness there and eventually they have a "made in Italy" baby.

I think it's a pretty good feel-good movie. Not too mushy, not too serious. Okay lang pangpalipas oras. Out of five stars, I'll give it a three.

February 13, 2004


And that's all the Valentine spirit you're ever gonna get from me!! :P At 29, these things don't excite me anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm married already and my wife and I are way past the stage of getting hootchi patootchie on Valentine's day. Or the fact that as much as we want to go out on Valentine's day, the fuckin' traffic in and around the hotspots in Manila gets so messed up that we would have rather wished we stayed at home. Whatever it is, it's gonna be just another normal day for us.

But here's a rundown of what's gonna be happening this weekend...

LOVA PALOOZA - An attempt to set a Guiness book of world records for mass-kissing. At Baywalk along Roxas blvd. Evening of Feb. 13th.
TOTO: LIVE IN ALIW - The band that popularized the songs of the 80's like Lea, Africa. At Aliw theater, also somewhere in Roxas. Evening of Feb. 13th.
THE SONGBIRD AND THE SONGWRITER: JOURNEY OF LOVE... MUSIC TO REMEMBER - The unbeatable tandem of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcacid. At the Araneta Coliseum. Evening of Feb. 13th.
BOYZ II MEN AND BRIAN MCKNIGHT BACK TO BACK LIVE IN MANILA - This is what I really want to watch. Never mind Boyz II Men. Brian McKnight is such a terrific singer and songwriter. At the ULTRA open field. Evening of Feb. 13th.
ABBA THE MUSIC - Who's gonna forget the 70's hits they popularized? Chiquitita, Dancing Queen. At the ULTRA. Evening of Feb. 14th.
D'SOUND VALENTINE CONCERT - I'm not really sure what songs they popularized, but they're supposed to be good. Or so my sister says. At the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Evening of Feb. 14th.
HEART TO HEART: PATTI AUSTIN AND JAMES INGRAM LIVE IN MANILA - Hay, isang kanta lang ng "Just Once" ni James Ingram, laglag na ang panty ng kalahati ng kababaihan sa Manila. At the CCP Complex. Evening of Feb. 14th.

O sya... Basta, mura lang ang condoms. If you're gonna do it with someone who's not your wife or hubby, spare yourself the worries. If you can afford to spend money on a swanky dinner and a concert, I'm sure you can afford a pack of Frenzy condoms. Less than 20 pesos lang yun. Flavored pa. :P

1. Are you superstitious?
I think I am. I mean I don't think there's anything wrong with being superstitious, but I'm not really a big fan of it myself.

2. What extremes have you heard of someone going to in the name of superstition?
Supposedly, if you pour blood on the foundations of a house or a business establishment before construction, that place is going to be very successful. The extreme end of that superstition is using the blood of a baby. Eww... stupid.

3. Believer or not, what's your favorite superstition?
Whenever I use a stair, I always count oro, plata, mata. If the last step falls on an oro or a plata, that means good luck, money. If it falls on a mata, that means bad luck.

4. Do you believe in luck? If yes, do you have a lucky number/article of clothing/ritual?
Yes, I'm a total believer in luck. :) I have a favorite tie I use whenever I go for my job interviews. Whenever I use that tie, I get the job I'm applying for. I don't necessarily accept the offer, but I do get selected for the job.

5. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
What's astrology?

February 11, 2004


I feel so lazy! Grabe, as usual, I woke up early today. But waking up and actually pulling yourself together and getting the will to walk to the bathroom to start your day is so different. I lied in bed thinking of what I need to do in the office and sleep takes over me. By the time I wake up, wala na... 9:00 na. So I managed to do the whole morning routine and got in the office at exactly 12:45. By the time I get my email running and scanned the subject line of what's on for the day, I felt I should've just stayed at home.

I hate it whenever I feel like my work is plateauing. I get so restless and I start thinking of moving to another job. As if I can afford to transfer to another job. Hay, the pay here is good but it's so nakakabobo. I miss the feeling of actually being challenged to do something. I gotta find something do. Or something better happen. Soon.