February 13, 2004


And that's all the Valentine spirit you're ever gonna get from me!! :P At 29, these things don't excite me anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm married already and my wife and I are way past the stage of getting hootchi patootchie on Valentine's day. Or the fact that as much as we want to go out on Valentine's day, the fuckin' traffic in and around the hotspots in Manila gets so messed up that we would have rather wished we stayed at home. Whatever it is, it's gonna be just another normal day for us.

But here's a rundown of what's gonna be happening this weekend...

LOVA PALOOZA - An attempt to set a Guiness book of world records for mass-kissing. At Baywalk along Roxas blvd. Evening of Feb. 13th.
TOTO: LIVE IN ALIW - The band that popularized the songs of the 80's like Lea, Africa. At Aliw theater, also somewhere in Roxas. Evening of Feb. 13th.
THE SONGBIRD AND THE SONGWRITER: JOURNEY OF LOVE... MUSIC TO REMEMBER - The unbeatable tandem of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcacid. At the Araneta Coliseum. Evening of Feb. 13th.
BOYZ II MEN AND BRIAN MCKNIGHT BACK TO BACK LIVE IN MANILA - This is what I really want to watch. Never mind Boyz II Men. Brian McKnight is such a terrific singer and songwriter. At the ULTRA open field. Evening of Feb. 13th.
ABBA THE MUSIC - Who's gonna forget the 70's hits they popularized? Chiquitita, Dancing Queen. At the ULTRA. Evening of Feb. 14th.
D'SOUND VALENTINE CONCERT - I'm not really sure what songs they popularized, but they're supposed to be good. Or so my sister says. At the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Evening of Feb. 14th.
HEART TO HEART: PATTI AUSTIN AND JAMES INGRAM LIVE IN MANILA - Hay, isang kanta lang ng "Just Once" ni James Ingram, laglag na ang panty ng kalahati ng kababaihan sa Manila. At the CCP Complex. Evening of Feb. 14th.

O sya... Basta, mura lang ang condoms. If you're gonna do it with someone who's not your wife or hubby, spare yourself the worries. If you can afford to spend money on a swanky dinner and a concert, I'm sure you can afford a pack of Frenzy condoms. Less than 20 pesos lang yun. Flavored pa. :P

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