November 23, 2004

60 Minutes

I'm standing in the middle of Changi Airport. I have sixty minutes to burn until my next connecting flight. Can't do internet forever because the terminals limit you to fifteen minute per session. And I'm hungry na.

November 18, 2004


After a couple of months of planning, my wife and I will finally get our vacation. We're leaving for tomorrow for Bohol and spend the weekend there. I haven't been to Bohol, so I really don't know what to expect. I've read a lot of vacation reviews and from what I've seen so far, the place seems to be interesting. Finally, a chance for me to experiment on our new digital camera. I'll be putting up the pics soon, along with the rest of what's in my drive, once we get back.

After Bohol, I'll be leaving on a tour of our subcons in Asia. Next week, I'll be having a meeting in Malaysia then afterwards, me and my boss will be doing our yearend visits to facilities in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Hongkong. Hmm... you think I should've just scheduled the Bohol vacation after all these work trips?

November 12, 2004

Remembering My (Corporate) Past

My former
company made a big decision last night. The current CEO is stepping down to become the company's chairman (shouldn't that be a step up?) and the current president is moving forward as the new CEO. All this change is happening as the computing industry continues it's struggle to rebound from two years of a hard recession.

The first thought that came to my mind was, "Ha! Yari na kayo!" I have left the company almost two years ago but I still feel bitter. I can go on and on about how sorry I felt working for that company but I know it's not going to do me any good. In the end, I'll just feel depressed. Having moved to another company, I know I should feel lucky. I now have a job that pays a lot better; that gives me an opportunity to give solid contributions; that provides me a sense of satisfaction; and most of all, gives me more time to enjoy other things in life, such as time with my wife.

As I think about this announcement, I take time to think instead of the good things that happenend to me while I was in Intel. I was able to meet my wife. I was able to live and work in the States for a while. I learned a lot of skills that makes me so marketable today. I was able to meet some of my closest friends. Now I know it wasn't that bad after all. In fact, it was quite an adventure.

November 10, 2004


This. No, not her. Her tattoo.

Go Ara!

Do You Mind? (also entitled: Boycott Dome Coffee)

Imagine this. My wife and I, together with a couple of her office friends, went out for coffee and drinks last Friday night. Eastwood was beginning to get boring, and we don't want to drive out all the way to Makati. I remembered that a highschool friend was having a gig at Whistestop, so why not Ortigas area instead?

When we got to Edsa Shang, we found out that there's a street party going on. So instead of Whistlestop, we decided to stay at
Dome instead. The plan was girls were going to have coffee, the boys would be having beer. We were going to stay outside to enjoy the music, and it makes it so much easier if anybody wanted to go dancing.

Right across from Dome is
International Sushi. Turns out that they have a beer promo going on: For three hundred pesos, you get a bucket of six beers plus two more bottles! Sulit! So we ordered beer from International Sushi and the girls ordered their lattes.

The beers arrived first. We were barely on our first couple of gulps from our bottles when I noticed a couple of the waiters from Dome inconspicuously eyeing us. Syempre deadma lang kami. What's a couple of beers?

Maya-maya eto na... One of the waiters approached me and said, "Sir, do you mind? We're also selling beer in Dome." Okay, but so what?

"So, what are we going to do now? Our beers are here, and besides, the ladies who are with us bought coffee from you." I said.

At this point, it's plain to see that the waiters didn't have a plan on resolving the problem when they brought it to our attention. Are they really serious in turning us away just because we bought beer from another place?

"We'll just cancel the coffee. We'll just transfer to another place instead."

I was waiting for a response from the waiter, but I didn't get any. I really don't know what he wanted us to do, and I was hoping he would have a suggestion, like letting us stay, perhaps, since the ladies already had their coffee ordered, and suggest that for the next round of beers to get it at Dome instead.

So we cancelled the coffee and transferred someplace else. It turns out that International Sushi was taking orders from almost the rest of the place, so for the remainder of our night, we gorged on cheap beer. The girls? They bought their coffee from Cinnzeo instead. It was just as good as Dome's, cheaper pa.

What's with Dome? Is it just me or is there really something wrong with the way I approached the problem? Will they really refuse to seat us just because we bought beer from another place? We were seated outside, mind you, and at no point did we bring the beer inside the shop.

Taking the argument a step further: What if, instead of beer, the boys bought coffee from Cinnzeo instead? Remember, the girls still ordered their coffee from Dome. Will Dome's waiters still accost us for that? Or what if we all bought coffee from Dome and cinnamon rolls from Cinnzeo? Is there still something wrong with that?

Whatever it is, I'm not going back to Dome in the near future. Ang labo nyo, Dome. And you know what I did after we transferred to another table? Nilagyan ko ng sumpa yung tables na inupuan namin. Sabi ko hindi magkakaron ng customer yang table na yan. True enough, even as we left Edsa Shang at 1 in the morning, Dome's tables in the front of the store remain unoccupied. Buti nga sa kanila.

November 09, 2004


Ei girl. Of course I won't forget it's your birthday tomorrow. And if I can get an MP3 of this song by Friday, we will dance to it on your party.

By Your Side

You think I'd leave your side baby
You know be better than that
Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees
I wouldn't do that
I'll tell you, you're right when you're wrong
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh
And if only you could see into me

Ohh, when you're cold
I'll be there hold you tight to me
When you're on the outside
Baby, and you can't get in
I would show you
You're so much better than you know
When you're lost, you're alone
Can't get back again
I will find you darlin' and I'll bring you home

And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
You know time, you'll be fine

You think I'd leave your side baby
You know be better than that
Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees
I wouldn't do that
I'll tell you, you're right when you're wrong
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh
And if only you could see into me

Ohh, when you're cold
I'll be there hold you tight to me
Ohh, when you're alone
I'll be there by your side, baby

Ohh, when you're cold
I'll be there hold you tight to me
Ohh, when you're alone
I'll be there by your side, baby

Guess what (TV, Movie) this song was played? :)

November 03, 2004

2 Farts

They always arrive about quarter to seven, them in their big F-150 truck. I can only assume that they're Americans, judging by the white color of their skin and the diplomatic plates hanging proudly on their vehicle. Oh, and they're also loud, laughing boisterously at whatever it is they're talking about.

I call them the two old farts. And I hate everything about them. I hate the fact that they always park their big truck blocked on the gasoline station driveway, making it impossible for the other properly parked cars to get out. I hate the fact that they're the only guys that gets the door opened for them AND gets a salute each from the coffeeshop guard. Now, almost anybody can get the door opened for them; but the salute? No, you have to be one of the old farts to get that. The old farts have the door opened for them on their way out. The old farts automatically get an ashtray on their table. The old farts get a lapdance from the Starbucks girls. Well, maybe I'm getting way too ahead on the last one but I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of the old farts already has the cellphone number of that cutie behind the counter.

So what's behind all this anger for these two guys, you might ask? Because I know, that for the third time in as many Wednesdays, I will be asking them to kindly move their truck so that I can go on my way to the office. The third time! The nerve of these two people coming to the Philippines and acting as if they owned the whole country! Do they actually allow illegal parking now in America?!

My coffee's almost finished and it's almost 7:30. I should be going but I'm pretty damned sure they're just halfway through their drinks. Time to rattle at the asses of these two old farts.

For those who want to know, this is at Starbucks Fort Bonifacio, early morning of November 3rd, 2004.