May 20, 2005


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Linchak talaga! Balitang-balita na naman tayo sa Yahoo News! Today's (May 20, approx. 3:00pm) hottest, most viewed news story in Yahoo is about the Arroyo government and its links with jueteng, the popular numbers game/lottery in the Philippines. Tama talaga yung wife ko. She always tells me that behind the fall of a great woman is her husband. Totoo nga kayang may kinalaman si First Gentleman Mike at si Cong. Mikey sa jueteng operations sa Pampanga? Nakow, pag nagkataon, may bagong presidente na naman ang Pilipinas in a couple of months.

May 18, 2005


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Well, probably not Mosul, but definitely somewhere in Warzone, Iraq. Here's a blog I stumbled into today: It's a mom's diary about her son who's serving a tour of duty in Iraq. The picture above shows him (I assumed it was him.) firing away on a Humvee mounted 50-cal machinegun. What he's firing at, we can only guess. Could be Iraqis who got themselves on the wrong end of the turret? Or at the very least, it could have been that evening's dinner of roasted deer.

But one thing I haven't heard of lately is how President Bush's Coalition of the Willing has been slowly transforming itself into the Coalition of the Departing. Early this month, Bulgaria and Japan have signified their intention to pull their troops of Iraq. With the killing of one of Italy's soldiers by "friendly fire" from the United States, as well as the recent abduction of one of its citizens, Italy could be well on its way out too. Hmm, I guess GMA was right on that one.

On a lighter note, Pilipinas Shell announced this morning that they will be cutting the prices of gasoline by P0.75 by 0600GMT. Anong oras ba sa Pinas yung 0600 GMT na yan?

May 17, 2005


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According to BBC News, Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed to have early stages of breast cancer. This development has led her to postpone the Australian leg of her world tour and start treatment for the condition.

Tsk tsk tsk... Talaga naman. Pag mabait ka, kukunin ka agad ni Lord. Seriously now, let's all pray that Kylie recovers from her bout with the big C. Remember, she has yet to grace us Filipinos with a wonderful view of her ample tits.

May 16, 2005


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According to Penshoppe, Ala Paredes, is a 2004 graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, where she finished with a degree in Communication. As a VJ for MYX, Ala was able to interview the likes of Dianna Krall, Evanescence, Simple Plan, and West Life. Armed with creative and artistic sensibilities, Ala also dabbles in drawing, painting, acting, singing, and playing the piano, while her aural inclinations lean towards rock, jazz, and 80s music.

In other words, artista sya. Sikat sya. Labas Panty din sya. Nag-browse ako ng blog nya pero di ako nakahanap ng pictures na kita panty nya. Asa pa.


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Help me out here. I don't know which to bite into first: The burger she's holding or Paris Hilton's thighs. She was recently hired by Carl's Jr to star in their ad which features Paris washing the side of a Bentley automobile and chomp on a thick spicy burger while clad in a skimpy black bathing suit. Hmm... I wish they'd show that ad here in Manila.

By the way.. Is that a cameltoe she's sporting?

May 13, 2005


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Mad boss is in town. Gotta make pasikat muna. And I'm not kidding about the picture. He's a cigar toting, bald headed, hot tempered sunuvagun. This is going to be a looong day... Friday the 13th nga talaga?!?!

May 12, 2005


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I am seriously tripping on these Hed Kandi girls. Has it been that long since I got into a decent club? My friends from Climax are inviting me to party with them again at the Embassy at the Fort. I didnt' really like my experiences there the few times I did go. The people were pretentious, the cover charge's too expensive, and the drinks burn a hole in my wallet. But I do miss the these two, and them, and this girl on the left.

May 11, 2005


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It comes in many forms.


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Last night was my last night as a temporary bachelor. The wife will be flying in today at 3pm from Spain. I think I managed to keep the fort pretty well. I did some house chores for the past couple of days. Did the dishes, did the laundry, tried cleaning the bathroom. Actually, I did tell my wife that I cleaned the bathroom and when she asked me which brush I used on what using which cleanser, it seems that I mixed everything up. Oh well... some things are better off being done by women. Harharhar!

So, in celebration of my last night of bachelorhood, I bought four San Mig Strong Ice and cooked up some beef tapa for pulutan. Ordinarily, I would have just gone down and got myself a big mug of draft at Cable Car. But it's just the 10th, and payday is still a couple of days away and I'm a little short on cash. So there I was, chugging on beer, chowing down tapa, playing PS2, switching between cable channels.

I finally finished up at around 1:30. Now, I'm not really accustomed to drinking Strong Ice, so downing four bottles in a row in the span of about an hour really gave me that WHAPAK feeling. I dragged myself to the the bedroom and took off all my clothes. It's summer and I sleep in the buff!! Just when I was getting to bed, I noticed that my neighbors from the other building were doing some partying of their own. It was like straight out of a scandal VCD, really. Libreng live show, eh di syempre nanood naman ako! They were at it for about an hour. I lost track of how many times they came but I have to say, I'll have whatever that guy had, be it Viagra, Super Joss, or Rhino tea! As for the girl, next time I see her at Mini Stop, I'm sure she'll be wondering why I have this naughty twinkle in my eyes.

May 10, 2005


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Grabe ang init sa Manila lately. Ngayon lang ako nakaramdam ng ganitong klaseng init. Maaga akong umalis ng office kahapon. Alas-tres pa lang umuwi na ako. Pagpasok ko pa lang ng awto, binuksan ko na agad yung aircon. Galing office, dumadaan ako ng C5 papuntang QC. Aba, nung nasa may Kalayaan Ave pa lang ako, malapit sa may Market Market, bumigay bigla yung aircon ko. Bumubuga pa rin ng hangin pero wala nang gaanong lamig. Bad trip. Pinatay ko na lang yung aircon tapos naghintay ako ng ilang minuto para buksan uli. Buti na lang gumana na.

Bakit ganon... pag sa beach, masarap yung ganitong init pero pag nasa Manila ka, mumurahin mo yung araw pag sumisikat nang ganito? Ilang linggo na lang ang natitira sa summer pero isang beach trip pa lang ang nagagawa namin. Gusto kong pumunta ng Pagudpud pero nakakapanghinayang naman yung toll fee sa North Expressway. Hmm, sali na lang kaya ako dun sa pa-contest ng RX 93.1. May beach party silang iso-sponsor sa Caylabne this Saturday. Kaya lang Strictly Bikini yung theme ng party eh... Parang masagwa yata kung makikita ako ng tao na naka-two piece...

May 09, 2005


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Isn't she the most adorable baby girl you've ever seen?!

May 06, 2005


My wife is leaving for Denia later tonight. Denia is a golf/beach resort in the province of Valencia, Spain. Kainis. Gusto ko sanang sumama kasi I've never been to Europe. Probably the first blooper I'll say when I get to Spain is, "So you're the guys who thrashed my country for 333 years!" Hahaha!

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Kidding aside, ano kaya gagawin ko for the next couple of days? Hmm... sino gusto makipag-inuman mamaya? Dami akong nabiling Pepsi Ice tsaka Pepsi Fire. Tikman natin if it goes well with Gin Blue.

May 03, 2005


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Bianca Gonzales - print ad model, bootylicious babe

Bianca was featured in last Sunday's (May 1st issue) Philippine Daily Inquirer magazine. Hmm... meron syang ad sa Edsa for Pink Soda. May hawak daw syang malaking sawa. Kung sawa ko na lang kaya ang hawakan nya... Hehehe... Joke lang.

Read more about Bianca in her blog.