May 11, 2005


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Last night was my last night as a temporary bachelor. The wife will be flying in today at 3pm from Spain. I think I managed to keep the fort pretty well. I did some house chores for the past couple of days. Did the dishes, did the laundry, tried cleaning the bathroom. Actually, I did tell my wife that I cleaned the bathroom and when she asked me which brush I used on what using which cleanser, it seems that I mixed everything up. Oh well... some things are better off being done by women. Harharhar!

So, in celebration of my last night of bachelorhood, I bought four San Mig Strong Ice and cooked up some beef tapa for pulutan. Ordinarily, I would have just gone down and got myself a big mug of draft at Cable Car. But it's just the 10th, and payday is still a couple of days away and I'm a little short on cash. So there I was, chugging on beer, chowing down tapa, playing PS2, switching between cable channels.

I finally finished up at around 1:30. Now, I'm not really accustomed to drinking Strong Ice, so downing four bottles in a row in the span of about an hour really gave me that WHAPAK feeling. I dragged myself to the the bedroom and took off all my clothes. It's summer and I sleep in the buff!! Just when I was getting to bed, I noticed that my neighbors from the other building were doing some partying of their own. It was like straight out of a scandal VCD, really. Libreng live show, eh di syempre nanood naman ako! They were at it for about an hour. I lost track of how many times they came but I have to say, I'll have whatever that guy had, be it Viagra, Super Joss, or Rhino tea! As for the girl, next time I see her at Mini Stop, I'm sure she'll be wondering why I have this naughty twinkle in my eyes.

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