May 18, 2005


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Well, probably not Mosul, but definitely somewhere in Warzone, Iraq. Here's a blog I stumbled into today: It's a mom's diary about her son who's serving a tour of duty in Iraq. The picture above shows him (I assumed it was him.) firing away on a Humvee mounted 50-cal machinegun. What he's firing at, we can only guess. Could be Iraqis who got themselves on the wrong end of the turret? Or at the very least, it could have been that evening's dinner of roasted deer.

But one thing I haven't heard of lately is how President Bush's Coalition of the Willing has been slowly transforming itself into the Coalition of the Departing. Early this month, Bulgaria and Japan have signified their intention to pull their troops of Iraq. With the killing of one of Italy's soldiers by "friendly fire" from the United States, as well as the recent abduction of one of its citizens, Italy could be well on its way out too. Hmm, I guess GMA was right on that one.

On a lighter note, Pilipinas Shell announced this morning that they will be cutting the prices of gasoline by P0.75 by 0600GMT. Anong oras ba sa Pinas yung 0600 GMT na yan?

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