February 11, 2004


I feel so lazy! Grabe, as usual, I woke up early today. But waking up and actually pulling yourself together and getting the will to walk to the bathroom to start your day is so different. I lied in bed thinking of what I need to do in the office and sleep takes over me. By the time I wake up, wala na... 9:00 na. So I managed to do the whole morning routine and got in the office at exactly 12:45. By the time I get my email running and scanned the subject line of what's on for the day, I felt I should've just stayed at home.

I hate it whenever I feel like my work is plateauing. I get so restless and I start thinking of moving to another job. As if I can afford to transfer to another job. Hay, the pay here is good but it's so nakakabobo. I miss the feeling of actually being challenged to do something. I gotta find something do. Or something better happen. Soon.

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