June 30, 2005


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So, the little lady has finally dropped the biggest bomb of all. Short of spilling everything, including the color of her panties while she was talking to the yet unnamed Comelec official, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has admitted to a lapse in judgement and admitted she did call up someone from Comelec during the time when Congress was canvassing the votes during the 2004 elections.

Unbelieveable. First off, I have to give credit to the little lady. It takes a man, albeit a short one, to admit to such a thing. A Philippine President apologizing like that on national TV?! Unheard of!! Second, what was she thinking?! You don't do something like that in the middle of an election, not when it was such a close one, with allegations of vote buying and massive fraud flying from both sides. Third, why would she herself do such a thing?! Presidents don't do the dirty job. They're not supposed to. That's why they get elected as Presidents. They have hordes of henchmen to do this for them.

I am shocked. Philippine politics has yet again burrowed itself to a deeper level. I am saddened by the realization that no matter what, it seems like there's no letting up on how far our elected officials will go just to "protect their votes". I am angry, because it looks like we're never going to recover from the turmoil we're in.

The next two weeks will be critical for all of us. In a press conference this afternoon, Susan Roces-Poe seems ready to slug it out to the finish. Although I just heard bits and pieces of it, it looks to me like she's ready to whip the public into a People Power X frenzy. The House of Representative's inquiry into the Gloria-gate tapes seem to be getting nowhere, not with administration and opposition congressmen tagging each other out on endless legal maneuvers and out-maneuvers. Watching the public's reaction on TV on GMA's apology just shows how polarized we are.

Nakakasawa na.

GMA, please resign na. You're a sitting duck president. The moment you opened your mouth on that televised apology, you have lost all moral ascendancy to lead us effectively. I know you have only the purest intent for the country, but not everything illegal is immoral. You may not have done anything illegal, but it was definitely immoral. It wasn't right. Step down before it's too late. The people verdict is final, and it will be a swift one.

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