March 31, 2004


The first three months of 2004 are gone. Doesn't time fly too fast? Grabe, parang a couple of weeks ago lang yung New Year, tapos ngayon summer na.

Let me see. Ano na nga ba milestones ko for the first three months of the year?
1. We've moved into a new place in QC.
2. We finally have a decent sofa and dining table.
3. The subcon I'm managing, who was kulelat for all most of the four quarters last year, is now number one.

Things I have to work on. Or else my ass gets busted.
1. Finish documentation for my department's automotive ISO certification.
2. Shorten my subcon's corrective action cycle time.
3. Look for another job. In another industry. My work is killing me!

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