March 24, 2004


There are times when you want to cut the crap and just get the work done. Like wanting a steak when you know very well that a nice burger will do. Last night, I wanted to get tipsy. Not drunk, just the warm feeling of drowsiness that helps lull me to sleep. I could've chose to drink in ATC. TJ's and San Mig are still open by 11, right? But I didn't need that. I just needed a drink.

Fort pub in Pilar Village is where I ended up. Not really a pub, beerhouse is a more apt word to describe it. It's a cozy little nook: a couple of big long tables for the group night outs, and more smaller tables for two. I guess when ordinary menfolk like me (naks!) want to drown out the day's worries, and have a friendly chitchat with one of the 15 GRO's on call, this is where we go.

San Mig Light is priced at P25. Wow, this must be heaven! I could have four of these here at the same price of 1 in any of Makati's spots! And with free peanuts, how do you beat this deal?

So, what was wrong with this picture? Halfway into my first drink, my cellphone rang. Hay... busted... Cge Lara, I'll bring you to this place minsan. :)

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