August 22, 2007


Pinanood namin ni misis 'to last week. Magandang pelikula. On the surface, it looks like your usual misis versus kerida versus babaerong asawa movie. However, there's a nice twist in the how your usual keridas are portrayed, and for that reason alone, this movie is worth watching. Of course there are the usual cliches. Like Angelica's role as a jetsetting flight attendant. In the movie, you'll get an idea that flight attendants are pakawala: all night partying at their ports of call, getting laid by guys they meet in elevator. Goddamnit. In my ten years of flying all over the world on business trips, how come I've never gotten in bed with a flight attendant?! Not one!! There must be something wrong with me. Or maybe I should just accept the fact that I do not look like Aga Mulach. Whatever.

Anyway, I didn't feel too comfortable watching this movie with my wife. Is it because I felt guilty? Siguro nga. Though I've never banged any flight attendants, the whole idea of watching a kerida movie with my wife was simply too unsettling. It was like watching my life and Aga was playing my role. I found myself remembering those times when I was in the same position. Grabe, if they asked me to be a consultant in planning this film, or to take part in developing the story and writing the script, I know I would have done a terrific job of doing so.

It's a good thing I'm now over that period of my life. I'm not saying that I'll never do it again, or that if given the chance, I would. I'm just saying that my life is so much more peaceful now that I've gotten out of on the side relationships. Mas nakakahinga ako nang maluwag. Wala akong kabang nararamdaman everytime I leave my cellphone out of sight. Hindi ako nag-aalangan pumunta sa malls at nag-iisip kung sino ang pwedeng makakita sa akin. Life is so much better without having to worry about a third party. Tsaka sobra akong tinamaan dun sa sinabi ni Aga. Papano pag di ko na kayang ayusin yung mga nasira ko? Sobrang tama yung statement na yun. Ayoko nang bumalik sa situation na ganun palagi yung nasa isip ko.

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