September 08, 2004


I was exchanging text messages with a friend yesterday afternoon. She's a friend from college, we took the same course. Although we weren't batchmates, we had a couple of subjects that we took together. Being the sucker that I am, I had the mistake of interpreting our closeness as friends as being something more. But we recovered from that and we're quite close up to now.

She said she wanted to meet up and talk. I could sense that there was something more. I knew she's getting married soon, so I thought it could probably be wedding jitters, and she wanted to talk to someone married to know what getting married is really like. Hah! As if I really know!

We were supposed to meet in Starbucks, but at the last minute sa Dencio's na lang daw. I was 15 minutes late and when I got there, she was already midway into our first of five pitchers of margarita. Hot Tuesday afternoon, icy margarita... what the heck!

Turns out the fiance was screwing somebody else. But you see, their setup was disturbing from the very beginning. They've been going out for more than five years but they've never had sex before. At least, she has never had sex with him. But she's okay with him having sex with women he meets in bars, women he pays to screw him, women who wants to have sex with him. But my friend... nope, she's never banged him. Ever. And now she finds out that he's screwing his best friend, who's very close to her now, and who has even offered to cater for their wedding. How weird can that be? At this point, I'm thinking... whatadude! WhataLUCKYdude!!!

So I was an Ate Helen for one afternoon. I wasn't really talking a lot. Must be because it was hot and I was drinking the margarita as if it were fruit juice. But every now and then and I'd butt in and her all excited again. I'm a bad friend. I like seeing people get angry. Then she thought out loud that she wanted to get even. Kailangan akong gumanti, hayop sya!!! Then she gives me this look. Me? Want to get even with him by banging me? Oh yeah!!

Then I knew I was thinking with tequila bubbles in my head when I said, wag na lang. Pag-isipan mo na lang kung gusto mo talagang pakasalan yun. Can you live it? Can you sleep at night without him by your side and not think that he's screwing someone else? But I will not be drunk by then, and you have my number, so please call me.

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