September 17, 2004


Quickly, without giving it too much thought, write down five things you can see from where you are sitting. Now, tell us five things about each of those five things.

1. An industrial fan - We bought this fan a long time ago, while we were still living in Cavite. The living room in our house then was small, and everytime we turn this fan on, it makes this droning sound that after makes you want to turn the fan off. Problem is, during the summer, it gets really hot inside. So, it's either we suffer from the heat or suffer from a headache due to the sound the fan makes. My wife would rather have a headache. Now that we've moved to a bigger place, we use this fan to drive air outside the condo unit, especially after we cook something smelly, like dried fish.

2. Disc holder - We have two. One for my wife, where we keep all of our DVD's. The other one is mine, where I keep all of my PS2 games. We bought these when we figured out that it doesn't make sense keeping the DVD cases from the movies we buy. They're too bulky. In the case of PS2's, if you keep stressing the hole, you'd end up with a bad disc. Don't ask me, I don't know why. All I know is that ever since I started keeping my PS2 discs in the jacket, I never had a game go bad since. Which reminds me, I need to buy two more of these soon because we're running out of slots fast.

3. My laptop bag - Big, black, and bulky. This is my life. All of my work is in there. Since I move around from one office to another, I have to keep most of my important documents in there. In fact, this is where I keep my passport. I probably won't be placed in a situation where I have to leave the country immediately and just bring this bag along, unless of course I kill someone, but it's good that I'm prepared. Some of the things I keep in the bag: a pack of condoms, a pack of cigarettes, pens I get from hotel rooms, among others. My wife gave me her laptop bag, which is bulkier, but I still haven't found time to transfer my stuff in there.

4. Ashtray - I know I can't smoke inside the house but I can't help it. Especially when I'm working. When we bought this ashtray, we didn't really mean to use it as an ashtray. It was supposed to be a non-flammable platform for burning scented candles. But now that we've outgrown our fascination for scented candles, and most of the time I just find this lying around somewhere, I've given it new life by using it as what it was made for.

5. My duffel bag - This was given to me by my team from Arizona as a goodbye gift. We use it for short out of town trips in the province or when we sleep over in my sister-in-law's place. It's big bright Intel blue, and has lots of pockets. It even has a special pocket for putting your soiled shoes, which makes it really nifty as a gym bag. Not that I ever go to the gym...

Quick ones...
Just ripped EBTG's Alfie into MP3. Who wants a copy?
It's a Friday! Yehey! Have a great weekend!!

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