April 27, 2004


Flight out of Manila was delayed by a full hour. Like most other trips, I usually skip the meal before flying. No sense in getting a queasy tummy in a plane. But I was hungry, irritated, and without a smoke. Oh well... maybe I should rethink that strategy. Anyway, we board and the flight was relatively uneventful.

One thing I like in Taiwan is that almost everybody drives a Benz, a Beemer, a Porche. That sort of stuff. But I wasn't prepared for what was going to be my ride to Chungli. Just one of the perks of a supplier manager I guess. But who's complaining? :)

Anyway, here I am in the hotel room. Half naked, though I won't tell you which half. Another thing I like in Taiwan: DSL. Almost everybody's got DSL here and I've heard that it's even cheaper to get a DSL than a dial-up. I'll love it here. The DSL in the hotel is free, and I have my choice of wired or wireless access. Hay... this is the life. Kulang na lang dinala ko yung burner ko so I can download stuff. :) But waitaminit... I'm in Taiwan! That's stuff's supposed to be cheap here! Hmmm...

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