April 02, 2004


1. I wanna have GMAIL!!! Google's still-in-development free email will have a whopping 1GB of space, a lot more than what Yahoo and Hotmail offers. Finally, I don't have to keep deleting email from everybody just because I won't fork over money to Yahoo and Hotmail! Just for that, I'll swear I'll never use Yahoo for search EVER!!

2. Eastwood Properties are now starting to sell condo units for The Grand Eastwood Palazzo. I decided to check the prices. Grabe, a 2-bedroom unit on the 25th floor facing the Citywalk complex would set a person back P4.5M! You'll have to pay an additional 500k if you want to have a parking slot!! Whoops... that's a bit too steep for us! Unless the US stock market weaves its magic yet again, dun muna kami sa condo ng pang-timawa.

3. My boss is coming over from Malaysia week after holy week. He's gonna spend three days with me. Hmm... how bad can it be? My critical indicators are missing the target; my TS16949 project is about, uhm, two months off; I haven't even read the spec he wanted me to revise... Time to stick my head in the sand?

4. Wala pa ring Friday Five. Second week in a row nang wala... :(

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