April 21, 2004


My wife is such a sucker for Oprah's show. Her lifelong dream: to watch a live taping of Oprah and go home with the tons of goodies she gives away. So when we were watching Oprah's Favorite Things for Spring show, she was so depressed. She must've gave away close to $2000 worth of stuff on that show to each of the audience. And who wouldn't be jealous?! Here are the items she gave away....

Food Favorites
Picnic Backpack
Miss Rona's Lavender Applesauce
La Brea Bakery Granola

Beauty and Body Care
Decleor Vitaroma Body Sumptuous Anti-Aging Body Cream

What to Wear
Citrus Tote
Ribbon Crusher Hat
C and C California T-shirts
Daryl sandals by Coach
La Mystere Tisha Bra
Silhouette Minimal X Sunglasses
Adidas Mei Mind and Body Footwear
GAP Body Terrycloth Collection
Embroidered Tunic from Boston Proper
Spa Fleurs sandals
Thomas Pink Shirts

For Your Home
Roomba Floor Vac
Weber Q Grill and Cart

High-Tech Discoveries
Apple iPod 15-GB MP3 player
HP Digital Camer, Printer, and Dock

Hay grabe... Pati ako nainis!!! I want the MP3 player, the digital camera, and the floor vac! The Roomba's so cute pa naman. You just turn it on and let it loose on the floor and it'll automatically suck everything up. It'll find it's way everywhere on the house. Hay... wouldn't that solve our problem with sweeping the floors every now and then?

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