April 21, 2004


I haven't blogged in quite a while. Grabe... I am so swamped. I've got lots of issues in the office, I'm still working on my stalled automotive ISO project, and I'm having my visa rushed for my Taiwan visit next week. Too much stuff to do, too little time.

Anyway, logging into my blogger account, I found out that Blogger is giving loyal members a first peek into Gmail, the 1Gig email from Google. Let's see how this will go. Spymac isn't really that much good. Logging in is so slow, the user interface is so complicated. I still haven't figured out how to activate my blog and webpage account. What's 1Gig email and a few hundred MB's of webspace if Spymac can't even show newbies how to use it? Argh! I think it has potential, but since I'm on dialup, I guess I'll just pass for now.

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