June 04, 2004


I hooked up with my former colleague in the company here in Malaysia for a couple of drinks. He left the company around this time last year. He's a lot more senior than I am, but we're basically doing the same job. Some snippets of our conversation:

me: So, what have you been busy with lately?
GL: Nothing much. Been to China most of the time though. We're putting up a new factory there.
me: (smiling) You gonna need people?
GL: I guess so. I was in Manila two weeks ago actually, hiring people. I got four engineers from Philips.
me: (WTF expression) You were in Manila hiring people but you didn't even bother calling me! What kind of a friend are you?
GL: I didn't know you were interested in moving out of the Philippines?
me: (keeping silent. running thought on my mind: I didn't know I have what it takes to be an operations VP either.)

GL, who now drives the car in the picture, is now an operations VP for a semiconductor subcon here in Malaysia. He will soon be moving to China to be the GM of their new plant there.

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