June 18, 2004


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She was about five minutes late. She insisted that I stay out in front of KR, so she'd know I was really there. So there I was, under a sweltering Thursday afternoon sun, waiting for her to arrive. A taxi pulled up, and out comes a tall, medium built woman. Now that I think about it, she wasn't quite a woman yet. She was good in exuding a sense of sophistication, but you'd know there was something innocent in her. She looked reserved, but at the same time, playful.

She walks up and touches my wrist. Leaning closer, she kissed me on the cheek, which really surprised me. I walked her to her side of the car and let her in. Climbing in, I'm beginning to ask myself if I really wanted to push through with this. I wasn't quite familiar with the area, although it is known for its long strip of japanese and korean sing-along joints. She had told me earlier that she needed to get home before seven, so the usual spot is definitely out. What the heck, I could just probably drive around and look for the hushing lady. If she's around, then there's bound to me more of them.

We did find one not quite far from where we met. The drive to the place was pretty much uneventful. One thing I noticed about this girl, though, is that she can carry a conversation. She lives with an aunt in a southern Metro Manila city. She still goes to school, although she's on a home study program. She hasn't seen the latest Harry Potter flick because she finds him silly. Her parents are living in LA, and she's going to join them sometime this year. Just how much truth is in all this is everybody's million dollar question, but really... who cares? Maybe I do.

K is slightly better than all of the motels I've been to. I should probably give myself a pat in the back for sheer luck. Once inside the room, we had another five minutes or so of small talk before we moved on to better things. She wasn't keen on the idea of us showering together so I went ahead first. When I stepped out of the bathroom, she was already in her tapis. Just for the heck of it, I asked again if she really didn't want me to join. She answered by giving me a wet kiss on the lips, her teeth lightly biting on my lower lip. Then she moved away and locked the door behind her.

After she showered, she climbed onto the bed. Still in her tapis. I was already naked underneath the sheets and since the room was getting quite cold, her warm body beside mine was a welcome treat. We just looked at each other's eyes. I guess we were playing a mind game at this point, figuring out who would make the first move. I leaned closer. I noticed that she didn't use the hotel soap and must've brought her own. This close to her, she smelled so delicate. I couldn't help but kiss her neck, just underneath her ear. I was feeling playful now and I wanted to kiss her lips. Warm, wet, delicious. I love the way our tongues clashed. Hers was a playful kind of kiss. She liked feeling the texture of my tongue sliding along hers. I felt her all over my mouth, flicking, stroking. I wanted a different kind of passion. I kissed her lips, gently biting on it, sucking it.

I love kissing, and I wanted to know how her body would react if I kiss her here and there. I started by gently planting soft nibbles from her chin down to her throat. I moved on top of her and started licking between her breasts. I could hear her breathing heavily as I started to lick all around her nipples. Then she cooed softly when I my mouth covered her nipples, I was gently sucking on it, my tongue swirling all around it while it was still in my mouth.

My eyes flickered downward to the space between her thighs, and I caught a glimpse of her shaved womanhood. I was getting hard now, and I found her looking at my crotch. She pulled me up and kissed me deeply, her tongue snaking again into my mouth and playing with mine. She made me kneel on my knees as she pulled herself up to sit on the bed. Her hands were sliding dangerously higher up my thighs, my manhood throbbing uncontrollably in front of her. I had to catch my breath as her her smooth fingertips were tracing across my balls and sliding along the length of my shaft. She broke our kiss and pulled back from me a bit, her hand still stroking the skin of my manhood.

She lowered her head towards my lap, her destination obvious, and my heart pounded even faster. I broke a moan when her lips first made contact with the tip. She opened her lips and let the head pass into her mouth, her hand still stroking the base of my shaft. Her lips and tongue danced around the head, her lips pressing and unpressing on the edges of my head, causing an indescribable throbbing feeling on the pit of my stomach.

I felt myself slowly rocking to the silent rhythm of her motions. A continuous series of clenching and relaxing, clenching and relaxing, as she took me a little deeper into her mouth with each stroke. I could feel every ridge, every square inch of her lips and her tongue as she sucked me. She made love to my manhood with her mouth, swirling her tongue over my head and shaft, sucking up and down on the sensitive skin at the top. I was burning for the need to release, my manhood swelling and throbbing in her mouth. She knew my need was strong, my orgasm imminent. Still continuing to pump the base of my shaft with one hand, her other hand gently squeezed my balls. Then she flicked and rolled her tongue all around the head, giving the tip a furious tongue-lashing. Then I couldn't stand it any longer.

With a loud groan that probably was heard even from outside the room, my orgasm blasted out through my manhood. Strong spurt shot up from my balls, up my shaft, and through the tip. I had to close my eyes and look up as I felt the ultimate warmth of her mouth receiving my come. I could feel her tongue dancing at the sensitive glans as I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth.

She lied back on the bed and I relaxed my body on top of hers. She wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me closer. She kissed me, wanting me to taste my come still wet on her lips.

Later that night, I was holding my manhood in my hand, staring at her beautiful behind. She was bent over the bed, hands gripping the pillows. I gazed at her lovely shaved womanhood, pink, and ready for me. She turned her head back to look at me, giving me the sweetest smile. I didn't say anything but just moved closer to her, the front of my thighs touching the backs of hers. Gazing down at her lovely form, I guided my manhood between her wet lips. I couldn't make out my own groan as I heard hers as I found the angle and my manhood slip into the warmth of her womanhood.

I pumped slowly at first, feeling an indescribable delicious feeling all along the length of my shaft. Responding to her own pumping, I drove my manhood ever faster into her tight lips. I felt the deepness of her clutching at my shaft with each withdrawal, and then parting around me as I thrust back in, deep inside her. My balls slapped against the back of her womanhood with each stroke, and I could feel that familiar, powerful feeling yet nearing. From the sound of things, she wasn't far behind either, as she was moaning with each thrust I plunge into her.

Suddenly, her hips trembled and I felt her womanhood contracting and rippling around my manhood. She just stayed quited, breathing heavily as her orgasm tore throughout her body, her womanhood clenching and unclenching around my shaft. I groaned and pumped faster and faster, until I exploded inside her, coming so hard it was pain and pleasure, release and relief, all at once.

After a couple of more sweaty, but enjoyable love bouts, I asked her again if it was okay if we showered together. This time she smiled and pulled me off from the bed and into the bathroom. Under a warm shower, our tongues clashed, lips in an endless series of touching, licking, and sucking. She really did bring her own soap, and I felt so flushed surrounded by warmth not just from her body but from the scent of her soap. I lathered her slowly, letting me massage her back, her hands, her breasts, her tummy, her calves. I gently cupped her womanhood and gently rubbed my palm on it. She was shaved, although her hair was starting to grow back and I found the texture of her soft skin soothing to touch. She also soaped me, even kneeling in front of me as she washed my manhood in front of her face. I was hoping she'd take me back in her mouth after she had washed off all the soap. She did, just slowly sucking the head as her tongue slid around the head and massaged the sensitive glans. She didn't make me release this time. Must be a invitation for a second time.

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