June 11, 2004


1. Nakakadepress. My pandan plant is slowly dying. Lahat na ginagawa ko. Water it everyday, trim the rotting leaves. I even leave it out sa window everyday so it can get its daily dose of sunlight. Wala pa rin. :(

2. We just bought this cute looking oriental teapot with matching teacups. Ewan ko ba, we're getting addicted to tea lately. Dati it was drip coffee, then espresso. Ngayon naman tea. We have mint, green, and earl gray here at home. Lipton brisk? Eeww... :)

3. I finally finished my first draft of the TS documentation. Hay, para akong nabunutan ng tinik. I've already sent it out to my boss yesterday pero surprisingly, wala pa rin comment from him... Hmmm...

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