May 28, 2004


To Congressmen Didagen Dilangalen and Ronaldo Zamora: SHUT UP! You and your cohorts in the opposition have delayed the canvassing of the votes long enough. Aminin na natin, whether Congress is going to do the canvassing as a whole body or at a committee level, you're still gonna raise hell over every single COC, either in the proper forum or on your own noisy press conferences. So let's play ball na and start counting!

To Suzette Pido: Ang galing galing ng lola ko! I was listening to the proceedings on the radio while I was driving and I can't help but feel frustrated myself over senseless ramblings. Paulit-ulit na tanong. Hay... I just got my payslip at nanghihinayang ako sa tax na binabayaran ko para mabayaran ang sweldo ng mga isip patatas na congressmen na yan. Thanks for standing up for the rest of the Filipino people who weren't in Congress at that time.

To Joan Pido: Dudette, you rock! Cute cute mo!!

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