May 19, 2004


Wednesday is telecommute day. Naah, it's just an official sounding name for "i'm too bored to go to work, my car's plate number ends in 5, and i'm too busy to drive" day. So, shirtless and bathe-less, I toil away.

But i've been staring for almost half an hour into this candle I burn almost every day. It's about a half an inch tall now, down from the six inches it was when I bought it. Is there such a thing as candle divination? I know that in some places in China, they can tell your future on how tea leaves would float on top of cold water. Judging from the way this candle melts, I can sense I'm gonna be a junkie. A meth addict. The side is all goobledooked, looking like a scrambled egg. Pretty much how my brain would look like once I start using this candle to get my crystal meth high.

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