September 20, 2007


Tomorrow will be my last day with company A. As I am about to hand back my cellphone and laptop, I am drawn to contemplate on how the last two years had been.

1. I had so much fun travelling for the past two years. My work has brought me finally to East Coast USA. Boston and New York were exactly what I envisioned them to be. Also, I will never forget the time when I practically made Hong Kong and China my second home. Going back and forth to those places practically every other week was both fun and taxing. I still have my Hong Kong MTR card with about HK$500 credit left, so any takers, just send me a note.

2. I met some really interesting people. You know who you are. I am forever grateful.

1. I felt like an overpaid messenger. A lot of times I was just transmitting information back and forth between my subcontractors and my foreign counterparts. Not good. You guys pay me so much money and I wish you had given me the chance to use my brain once in a while.

2. Things went downhill when Mr. G was ceremoniously booted out of his job and was replaced by a data maniac. We were asked for lots of presentations, reports, and what-have-you's but we couldn't figure out how the data was being used and what was the resulting impact to the organization.

3. Ms. D continued to toe the line, so to speak. Not much help coming from her, as always.

4. I met some really interesting people. You know who you are. My message to you... I'm way past "I don't give a damn."

It was also interesting to know that, according to my Singapore mole, a lot of my Filipino colleagues based in Singapore are quite vocal about their sour graping at my move. Of course Zurich is expensive. That's the price you pay for the high quality of living. But please, before you say that I'm making such a bad move, go and do your research. Apparently, you didn't get to the part where Swiss employees are also among the highest paid in the world. And that Swiss taxes are among the lowest. But never mind. I just wish you'd be happy for me the same way that I've always been happy for you.

I also learned how excited Mr. D was to meet Ms. A, who like Ms. D is a toe the company line girl. Well Mr. D, I hope you have a great time with Ms. A. I'm pretty sure you'll have a fine time discussing how customer A's visit went. By the way, your problems with customer A are far from over. How you guys manage to tout your successes with customer A and reap lots of awards and yet, you still get a lot of field returns and lines down, is beyond me. Reality is, you and I are not aligned on the definition of success. Good luck. You all need it. And I don't really care if you don't want to meet me, or at least talk to me why I'm leaving the company, in spite of you being the head of our group. It just shows to me the kind of leadership you espouse. Thanks, but no thanks.

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