October 27, 2004


I'm so tired. I've been up since five this morning. My manager gave me some work yesterday afternoon and I was so stupid to commit that I'll be sending it to him this morning. I planned on working on the presentation last night, so that all I have to do is send it to him first thing today. But I cooked last night and I was so busog. I decided to just go to work early today. Thing is, I realized that today is Wednesday, color coding day. Ayun, I have to leave the house by six.

I got in the office early. Kaya lang I was feeling so sleepy so I decided to chat for a while. Then came my 8am phone conference. Followed by more urgent emails. Then other phone calls asking for this and that. Until I totally forgot all about it. Then my boss called at three in the afternoon, asking for it. Buti na lang I was quick to make palusot.

Grabe, I just finished sending it. I hope everything is in order. I hope I didn't miss anything he wanted. I just want this sleep na.

But I can't go to sleep yet. My highschool friend is on vacation from the States and he's leaving on Saturday. We're supposed to meet at Eastwood, but I don't know what time they'll be meeting. Hay, buti na lang I'll be staying up late for a nice reason. I gotta get something nice to eat later. I gotta drink at least two beers and one 7&7. I think I earned it.

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