October 01, 2004


Just finished watching the first presidential debate this morning. If were an American citizen, hands down my vote goes for John Kerry. As commander-in-chief, Bush made a lot of mistakes in this whole war on terrorism. Who was the real target in the first place? Where were the weapons of mass destruction? Where's Osama bin Laden now?

Under George Bush, America has isolated itself with the rest of the world. They have lost a lot of integrity as a nation, especially with the discovery of prisoner abuse in Iraq. They flipflop on a lot of issues, like nuclear weapons proliferation. While they were so eager to invade Iraq to look for nuclear weapons, which they never did, how come they're not willing to pursue Iran's and North Korea's nuclear weapons with the same enthusiasm they did in Iraq?

This whole Middle East problem has taken the world's eyes off from what the real problems are. Worldwide poverty is still increasing. Job creation everywhere has ground to a halt. AIDS is still killing a lot of people. The United States is undeniably still the strongest nation on Earth, and it should be leading the rest of the world to work on these issues.

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