March 24, 2006


So my officemate and I were horsing around in this
hotel in Chang An city, in the Chinese province of Dongguan. Chang An isn't really like Shanghai, which is a well developed city. It's one of those satellite cities selected to host technoparks, which are sites for endless factory buildings churning fine merchandise worthy of the likes of Walmart. Anyway, so we're here at the only five star hotel in the area. It's 2 o'clock in the morning and we just came back from dinner and a massage. Nothing to talk about the massage, really. I didn't get any action.

It's a pretty big hotel. A LOT bigger than Shangrila Makati. It's really extravagant, with a lobby that leaves you breathless. But you see, you're still in China. And people here don't speak very good conversational English. It's like you're hearing something off from a textbook when you talk with them. And when they do try to say something they hear from Western TV, it doesn't sound quite right. Case in point: There's a karaoke/bar in the hotel. We know it closes at around 3am. So we come up to the receptionist and ask what else to do, aside from singing and drinks.

She says, "Oh, you just missed the song, dance, and sex."

WHOA?! SEX? Did she just say sex?

"What?" I asked. "There's song, dance, and what else?"



"Yes." Then she proceeds to put both her hands in front, and wraps around an imaginary shaft. "Sex!"


Then she turns to the stage and points towards, of all things, a saxophone.

This country never ceases to amuse me.

And oh, just to let you know, this is typical fare for business lunch in this area.

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