January 27, 2008


This post is for a very good friend. I wasn't able to say goodbye to her properly when I left Manila, but she knows how much I miss her. Even though we're both too busy with our own lives, I know we both make it a point to check each other's blogs and see what's going on. Xy, I know I've been bad and I haven't made any effort at all to update my blog with anything relevant about what's happening in my life here, but you know how it is sometimes. And speaking of effort, here's my take on your last post.

When you want something so bad, you don't leave things to fate and hope that it, whatever it is, will swing your way. Anything, be it work, relationship, a new hobby, these require a certain amount of effort to make it successful. Your "project", if you don't mind me calling it that, requires both of you to make it work. Although we have never talked about it (and now I'm wondering why we never had the chance to talk about it), I can see how happy you are with him. He's a very lucky guy to have you as a partner, and I hope it will still turn out to be a happy ever after story for the two of you.

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