November 30, 2005


When it rains, it pours. Depression is starting to sink in. Things have not progressed significantly at work. I still spend the better part of the day browsing from one website to another, and though this may not be totally bad, it gave me a chance to touch base with long lost email friends. Other than that, I feel I'm now totally up to date with what's going on with the world around me. I think I can join any online trivia contests and I'll leave you all eating dust in my wake. That's how good I am now. That's how much free time I have.

I wish I could just tell you about what's really eating me. But not just yet. I'm still hoping I'll get that phonecall which could possibly change my life forever. It's been almost a month since that meeting, but I feel like they've left me hanging. Nothing surprising really, considering that they've done this before, but now that it's happening on such a critical juncture, it's just so frustrating that they do this. I'm still hoping. I just don't know how I'll react if things don't go the way I want them.

So here, I'm trying to live life by the day. Waiting. Surfing. And getting my car crashed yet again. Happened last Friday. Terrible traffic on C5, at that U-turn slot in front of BMW Autohaus. I was making a left hand turn at the slot then wham, got hit up my Lancer's ass by a spanking new Nissan X-trail. There was the usual fanfare: traffic so bad the tail end must've reached Ortigas flyover; two irate drivers, of course I was the cooler one, but irate nonetheless. Things soured when we were Camp Karingal for the investigation. The other driver, it turned out, was driving his wife's company car, an issue from GMA Channel 7. You should've seen the wife! She was strutting up and down the police station, with her media ID pinned for everyone to see! Names were dropped and wallah!, poor Sisig was found to be at fault.

SPO2 Patulot! Hindi kita tatantanan, anak ka ng tipaklong!! Wala akong pakialam kung kumpare mo si Gus Abelgas pero sa pagkakataong ito, magpaliwanag ka!! How did you ever graduate from police school? Simpleng banggaan lang hindi mo malaman kung sino may kasalanan, ano pa kaya kung ma-rape ang misis mo? Hay... it's cops like you who make me feel so ashamed I'm Pinoy.

Anyway, that episode is done and over with. Unless you want me to get into the details of how the wife called me on a Sunday afternoon demanding she get a copy of my insurance policy. Ok. It's now with you. But let's just see how easy it will be for you to actually get anything out of it. Don't tell me I didn't offer to settle ha?

So much angst, so early in the day. Gotta stop. I need my yosi break.

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