September 17, 2010

Nothing To Look Forward To

So it looks like we won't be coming home for Christmas. For the past two weeks, I have been losing sleep, poring over websites late into the night, looking for affordable plane fares to Manila. I always come up empty handed. If it's not a ticket that's sure to burn a deep hole in my pocket, then it's a flight that will make us take 10, or even 20 hour layovers in the airport. I don't want to say it's not worth it, whether money-, time-, or stress-wise, because going home for Christmas is definitely worth it, but there are limits. I mean, we can probably spend the holidays in London. I've checked the price of plane tickets and hotels in London, and we're bound to pay the same price as a two-week holiday in the UK as we would for a single plane fare to Manila. But then there's the nagging thought: Will it be as fun as spending Christmas in Manila, together with the rest of the family? My sister and her husband will be coming home for Christmas, so that would mean spending the holidays together as a unit, something which we haven't done for the previous three Chirstmases.

For now, I have to get that thought off my head. Even though it's barely end of September, I can already feel how lonely this Christmas is going to be.