October 13, 2008


I thought long and hard before I posted this entry, the reason for which will become obvious later on. I certainly did not want to offend anyone, especially those who are participating in activities I will mention below, and certainly not those people who I have only met for a relatively short period of time. But then again, this is my blog and I want to take this as a rant against something which probably also happened to you at one point in time.

Don't you just hate it when you feel you are forced to give money to a charity or a church fundraising? I'm not a big fan of giving money away, even though I know that it's fundamentally for a good cause. I just don't believe in giving money. Period. There's just something about giving money that turns me off. I feel that to support charity or support a fundraising by a church, people should be given an option on what kind of support they can give. It can be time, talent, doing chores, or some other thing. If some people choose to give money, then that's fine. It's their money anyway. But if someone makes me feel like I'm being forced to give money, then that's where the problem start. I will likely still end up giving money, like what happened to me recently, but I sure don't feel good about it. And in the end, I end up not liking that particular cause, charity, or church at all.

One day I was talking with a Filipino friend outside of our office. We were catching up on what's going on with each other's lives. Then another Filipino working in the same office approached us. She said that she's working on a fundraising for one of the Catholic organizations, and then she proceeded to hand us a newsletter produced by the organization. I took the newsletter, not knowing that a couple of minutes later, as I was about to leave for home, she said that the newsletter costs 10CHF and the money will go into a fund to buy a new laptop for the use of making the newsletter. 

I still ended up giving her the money a couple of days later, but I really felt bad. I felt tricked. I felt like I was one of those guys seated in a bus going from Makati to Fairview, stuck on Cubao Ibabaw, and then one guy comes up to you asking, "Ilan kayo?" Then you answer, "Isa lang." And then this guy suddenly gets a Zesto from his bag, sticks a straw into it, hands it over to you and demands 10 pesos as payment. You, on the other hand, thought the guy was referring to the number of ticket you will pay for the fare. Of course at this point, there's no way you can refuse the Zesto knowing that he can easily call on the rest of his gang and intimidate you into paying. 

I know that the comparison between the Zesto gang and the church fundraising is very much different from each other, but nevertheless, the feeling is still the same. I know I should've spoken up somehow, but that's not really how I am. I'm the kind of guy who would rather keep quiet about it.  I feel like I was tricked into doing something I really don't want to do. And it's not a good feeling. 

October 01, 2008



Please find time to send an encouraging message to your disturbed friends, such as this one that I wrote for you today.

I really don't care if you feel like you're always being chased by other people. Hang in there. You're so f***in' special!