February 10, 2010

Pompom, February 9, 2010

He would always be there, the first to greet me as I would come out of my car. He wasn't afraid to show how excited he was to see me, whether I was gone abroad for two and a half years, or I was just walking back from the sari-sari store. For some reason, he always wanted to follow everybody around the house, that is except when you go up the stairs. He was always afraid of heights, and never did learn how to properly walk down a flight of stairs. He would never get to learn that now, but that's alright. He's in a place now where he probably wouldn't want to get down from.

We love you Pom. Thank you for guarding us, thank you for guarding the house. Thank you for being the loyal friend and companion that anyone would love to have in a dog. We will really, really miss you.

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