May 14, 2009

Sweating Like a Pig

I like spring. Spring is that time of the year when you get really fresh fruits and vegetables, and everywhere you go you see flowers all abloom. The mornings and evenings are comfortably cool, and during daytime, it doesn't really get that hot. But one thing I hate about spring is how it seems to be more humid than winter, and how it affects my sweat glands. While I rarely sweat during winter, during spring I feel like I'm always just walking out of a Szechuan restaurant. I sweat all over. My undershirt stickily clinging onto my skin. My skin feeling moist and sticky. And I get an impression like I'm beginning to smell like someone who hasn't taken a bath in days.

I checked Swiss Meteo and found that the current relative humidity in Birr is a mere 63%. That's not even anywhere near the high 90's typical of a Philippine summer! Whew... I can just imagine how gross I would look like when I come back to Manila in the middle of May.

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