May 28, 2009

Go Barca!

I rarely watched any football matches this season simply because I didn't have any chance to do so. When you have a wife who insists to watch cooking shows or movies, there's really no way to follow professional football. So coming into the Champions League finals last night, the only game I watched was the semifinal match between Chelsea and United. I was rooting for Chelsea in that match only because I don't like Ronaldo. He's like someone who God showered with everything. Good looks, awesome football talent, all the money he can ever be able to spend at such a young age. I'm not too sure if he's got anything between the ears, but if you can crash your Ferrari, walk away from it, and buy a new one a couple of days later, who needs brains, right?

So last night, I was rooting for United's opponent again. I have not seen any of Barcelona's games this season, but I was aware of the fact that they are being coached by Pep Guardiola, who happens to be a professional football rookie coach. I would say that was just outstanding. To be able to guide your team through the Champions League, and as well as La Liga and Copa Del Rey on your first year as coach is amazing!

Both teams played well last night, but it was apparent that Barcelona wanted it more than United. Barca was moving the ball well in the midfield, and came up with a lot of brilliant attacks. To me, it seemed that United was struggling throughout the 90 minutes to get their pace going. I would have loved to see more passing from United, but you can see that everybody wanted to take a stab at Barcelona's defense. To me they were just not playing as a team.

So congratulations to Barca. And to Pep Guardiola, PEP PEP HOORAY!!

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